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Are You Fighting Against Freedom?

Hey Sis!

So it has definitely been a little bit since I've written a blog. Honestly, I have been in a little bit of a rut trying to navigate the new territory that God has me in. This morning during my quiet time breakfast with the Lord, He gave me a revelation that has me over here mind blown. I am still working through navigating the totality of this for myself, but it was so good that I wanted to share this you all right quick.

God is in absolutely doing something new in this season. I'm not saying that to be super churchy, but it's the truth. There are more and more believers who are feeling the tugging of God on their heart and responding with their "yes". What we fail to realize is though, that the "yes" also comes with a new set challenges. Saying "yes" to God does not mean that there won't be trials and tribulations, it simply means we are guaranteed victory.

I say all of that to say that over the last week I have been going through the feels. Yesterday however, God gave me some MUCH needed clarity, direction, grace, and most importantly wisdom. Today, He allowed me to see the trick of the enemy with new perspective. Are you ready?!

The reason many of us never fully walk into what God has for us is because we have become so accustomed to slavery that we directly oppose [fight] freedom. This is the same attitude that the Children of Israel struggled with in Exodus 14:12.

There is SO much to unpack in this revelation. Instead of coming to you with the tips and strategy this time, I'm going to share some questions that you should ask yourself and sit with God about.

Questions To Consider:

  1. Is there fear associated with you fighting your freedom in Christ? What are they? Where are they coming from?

  2. Do you truly believe that God will supply all of your needs or are you struggling to really trust Him? If so, have you been honest with Him about that or attempted to cover that up because you feel ashamed or "less saved" because you are struggling to trust?

  3. What was the last thing God called you to do? Did you do it? If so, what fruit, was produced because of that obedience?

As I continue to gather myself, sit with God, and reflect on this I already know an entire shift is about to take place. I would encourage you sis, to not fight the freedom but to lean into it. I can't wait to circle back to this when God releases me to. Please let me know in the comments what revelation you receive in your conversation with God.

- Dr. Sharla

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