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We help women overcome spiritual, emotional, and behavioral barriers so that they can experience whole life transformation through their faith in God.



You don't have to live life without direction.

Have you ever felt:

  • confused about what you should be doing in life?

  • confused about how to build a relationship with God?

  • as if the Bible is boring?

  • as if God only talks to other people?

You're not alone. We created Prescription for Purpose to make discovering God and walking in Purpose as accessible as possible. Truth don't have to be Pastor to walk in purpose or study the Bible.


Dr. Sharla Walker

Dr. Sharla Walker is a renowned pediatric nurse practitioner, the visionary host of the internationally recognized Rx For Purpose Podcast, and the CEO of Rx For Purpose. With a deep-rooted passion for helping women live purposeful lives in Christ, she has become a trusted voice in the realm of spiritual growth and personal development.

In 2019, Dr. Walker launched the Rx For Purpose Podcast with a mission to provide women with the tools and guidance they need to live a purpose-driven life in alignment with their faith. Recognizing the disjointed and inadequate resources available, she sought to fill the void by offering clarity, cultural relevance, and a foundation in sound Christian doctrine. The podcast quickly gained international recognition, charting in countries such as the Bahamas, Croatia, France, Ghana, Great Britain, Lebanon, Malawi, Pakistan, and many more.

Dr. Sharla Walker's expertise extends beyond her impactful podcast. As a pediatric nurse practitioner, she has garnered a stellar reputation for her compassionate care and dedication to the well-being of children and their families. In 2021, she earned her doctorate of nursing practice, further enhancing her knowledge and skills in the field of healthcare. Driven by her commitment to holistic well-being, Dr. Walker pursued a certificate in Biblical studies at Liberty University in 2022. This additional theological training equips her with the tools to integrate faith, practical wisdom, and scriptural insights into her teachings. Through her work, she empowers women to prioritize their spiritual health, fostering total life transformation and success through Christ.

As the CEO of Rx For Purpose, Dr. Sharla Walker is at the helm of an inspiring movement dedicated to empowering women. In 2022, she led the development and successful launch of the Rx For Purpose Mobile App, an innovative platform that provides women with convenient access to empowering resources and fosters a supportive community. Through her podcast, healthcare expertise, and visionary leadership, Dr. Sharla Walker embodies a genuine love for God and His people. Her ultimate goal is to empower women worldwide to experience a profound transformation and achieve success by prioritizing their spiritual health and overall well-being.

About Dr. Sharla
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