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We help women overcome spiritual, emotional, and behavioral barriers so that they can experience whole life transformation through their faith in God.



You don't have to live life without direction.

Have you ever felt:

  • confused about what you should be doing in life?

  • confused about how to build a relationship with God?

  • as if the Bible is boring?

  • as if God only talks to other people?

You're not alone. We created Prescription for Purpose to make discovering God and walking in Purpose as accessible as possible. Truth don't have to be Pastor to walk in purpose or study the Bible.


Dr. Sharla Walker

Dr. Sharla Walker is a purpose practitioner, nonprofit founder, and strategist who is dedicated to providing strategy and support to women who are tired of being stuck and ready to pivot into pursuing and executing God’s plan for their lives.


Her podcast, God, Goals, and Girl Talk, delivers strategic faith strategies that are rooted in God’s word to help women transform their lives spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and practically. The show has charted globally in over 10 countries, while supporting women as they move from simply performing in faith to transforming through faith.

As the founder of Hearts Over Habits, Inc. and a doctorally prepared Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Walker has impacted the lives of hundreds of young women in at-risk populations and underserved communities. Through her research and work in the nonprofit sector, Dr. Sharla realized that there were many others who desired to serve as change agents in their communities through nonprofit work. Her program, the 9to5 Founder, was established to support the unique struggles of nonprofit founders who are also full time employees. Dr. Sharla has developed innovative strategies and systems to help nonprofit founders build organizations that are a catalyst of change and build equity in the communities that they serve.

About Dr. Sharla
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