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Discover the Life-Changing Solutions You've Been Praying For

Image by Shelby Miller


Feel like you're just skimming the surface of God's word? Dive deeper.

Ever felt like you're just scratching the surface when it comes to understanding God's Word? Our mobile app is your go-to resource designed to help you go deeper.


You Can Expect:

  • A Dynamic Study Bible for richer scripture engagement

  • A Movie and Video Hub to experience the Bible in a fresh way

  • An extensive Bible Study Toolkit filled with videos and resources

  • Bible Study Breakdowns (Coming 2024) for guided reading plans with questions

  • Prayer Vault (Coming 2024) offering crafted prayers for those moments you're at a loss for words

  • Investment: Free

If you've ever felt overwhelmed or disconnected when reading the Bible, our app is designed to break down those barriers and offer you a variety of ways to engage with scripture.


Feel alone and confused growing your relationship with God AND your business?

The Society is your sanctuary, an elite membership community for faith-driven entrepreneurs.

You Can Expect:

  • Daily devotionals to deepen your study time

  • Bi-weekly Bible studies to enrich your faith

  • Weekly live prayer calls for spiritual support

  • Monthly spiritual and personal development sessions

  • Business-based masterclasses to elevate your enterprise

  • Free Quarterly Challenges centered around faith, business, and leadership

  • Book club

  • Investment: $19.99/mo

If you've ever felt lost in the traditions and rituals of church and don't know where you fit, The Society offers clarity, tools, and a community that understands your journey.​



Feeling stuck or stagnant in your spiritual journey?

SpiritualWell is an online hybrid coaching platform designed for women of faith seeking total life transformation.

You Can Expect:

  • Courses to strengthen your relationship with God

  • Community engagement through programs and Bible studies

  • Resources to help you embrace your God-given purpose

  • Investment: Varies 

If you're tired of feeling like you're not making progress in your faith or life, SpiritualWell offers the tools and community to help you live abundantly. Each offering is part of the SpiritualWellness Blueprint™ designed to give you personalized help to start seeing results today.


Take our free Rx For Purpose Assessment and get your 7-day action plan today.

Ready to start walking in purpose? Take our Rx For Purpose Assessment and get your prescription profile and 7-day action plan to start your path to transformation and purpose today. 

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