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The Multifaceted Visionary Behind
Rx For Purpose



A Journey Rooted in Faith and Expertise

Dr. Sharla Walker is the dynamic force behind Rx For Purpose. With a deep-rooted passion for empowering women to live purposeful lives in Christ, she has become a trusted voice in the realms of spiritual growth and personal development.

In 2019, she felt a calling to address a gap she had personally experienced in her spiritual journey. She knew what Christians were told to do, but like many, she struggled with the "how." This frustration led her to launch the podcast "God, Goals, and Girl Talk," aimed at connecting the dots between spiritual principles and practical application. The podcast quickly gained international acclaim, but as Dr. Walker's vision evolved, so did the podcast's mission. In 2023, "God, Goals, and Girl Talk" was reborn as the Rx For Purpose Podcast, serving as a cornerstone for a more comprehensive approach to spiritual and practical well-being.

Credentials That Speak Volumes

Dr. Walker's dedication to empowering women is fortified by an impressive academic track record. She earned her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in 2021, enhancing her already stellar reputation as a compassionate and skilled healthcare provider. But her commitment to well-being doesn't stop at physical health; she also pursued a certificate in Biblical studies at Liberty University in 2022, equipping her with the theological tools to integrate faith, practical wisdom, and scriptural insights into her teachings. Fully submitted to God's vision and empowered by the Holy Spirit, she gives all glory to God for her success and the ability to execute His vision for His people.


Upcoming Projects and New Releases

Dr. Sharla is already charting the next steps for Rx For Purpose. The recent release of "Sis Pick Up Your Sword" is a transformative Bible study guide and journal that empowers women to deepen their understanding of key faith principles. It's a hands-on approach to spiritual growth, offering more than just reading material—it's a catalyst for change.

The horizon holds even more promise. The soon-to-be-launched SpiritualWell is not just another online platform; it's a holistic coaching ecosystem designed to provide spiritual and practical guidance.

But the vision doesn't stop there. Dr. Sharla is in the process of developing the SpiritualWellness Blueprint™ into a specialized curriculum. This will serve as a training program for mental health professionals and ministry leaders, equipping them to better serve their communities in living well-rounded, fulfilling lives.



A Speaker with Multifaceted Expertise: Signature Talks and More

If you're looking to bring transformative insights and actionable wisdom to your next event, Dr. Sharla is the speaker you've been searching for.  Dr. Sharla's rich tapestry of experience and knowledge isn't confined to one domain. Her multifaceted expertise allows her to speak on a wide array of topics, from nursing and helping nursing students to nonprofit development. Below are some of her signature talks, each designed to provide actionable insights and spiritual wisdom:

  • Unlocking the Path to Purpose: Navigating the Spiritual Hierarchy: Introduce the Spiritual Hierarchy framework, offer a spiritual health self-assessment, and provide actionable strategies for ascending the hierarchy.

  • Success God’s Way: A Biblical Blueprint for Goal Setting, Time Management, and Prioritization: Delve into biblical principles of success and how to translate them into concrete goals, effective time management, and sound prioritization strategies.

  • Servant Leadership - Redefining Success and Influence Through Christ-Centered Leadership: Discuss Jesus's model of servant leadership, identify key traits, and provide a roadmap for integrating these principles into personal or professional leadership roles.

  • Pick Up Your Sword - Mastering the Word Through the RENEW Framework: Introduce the RENEW framework as an effective and spiritual method for Bible study, offering both an understanding of the Word and a practical guide for deepening faith.

  • Inspiration to Implementation: Finding and Fulfilling Your God-Given Purpose: Examine the concept of God-given purpose, identify indicators of divine calling, and share actionable steps for pursuit backed by scripture.

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