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Studying the Bible doesn't have to be boring...

If you've ever found yourself saying...

  • "I just don't understand The Bible"

  • "I have no idea where to start reading The Bible"

  • "I want to read the Bible but I just can't get into it"

You need a new Bible Study method and I have the perfect one for you. Join me live on YouTube for live Bible Studies that are fun, practical, and easy to digest.

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Bible Study Testimonial

"Dr. Sharlaaaaa sis you are such a blessing. You are gift. I live for your bible studies . I look forward to them cause studying the Bible is really hard for me . But it’s the way you break things down and relate it modern times that makes it enjoyable not churchy. If that makes sense. I have never been excited about bible study like this. Chileee my edges didn’t appreciate you coming for them last night . So I had to put my wrap on for protection when I went to bed . Gworl you got me together okay .. I will be rewatching . Just wanted to show you so love sis . You are doing it!" 


Bible Study Testimonial

I really enjoyed Bible Study with Dr. Sharla Walker. What I like about her style is that she is real and explains things in a way that I can understand, but she doesn't water the Bible down. I also love that these Bible Studies are a safe way to ask questions. I love how she challenges us but does it in a way that is full of love.



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