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How To Walk In Your God Given Authority

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

This week we are taking a deep dive into what it means to walk in your God given authority. Authority is the power to act while operating in our designated jurisdiction given to us by God. The issue is that many of us attempt to enforce authority without power. A prime example of this is the Sons of Sceva in Acts 19:13-20.

Seven sons of Sceva, a leading priest, were doing this. But one time when they tried it, the evil spirit replied, “I know Jesus, and I know Paul, but who are you?” Then the man with the evil spirit leaped on them, overpowered them, and attacked them with such violence that they fled from the house, naked and battered (Acts 19:14-16 NLT).

In order to walk in your God given authority you must have:

Relationship: Our authority and power, particularly dunamis power, comes from God. Without being connected to the source, you will end up like the Sons of Sceva.

Assignment: When we exercise our authority it should be for God's glory and not our own. Trying to misappropriate the power of God for our own selfish ambitions or reasoning will not end well for us.

Revelation: The proper us of authority requires revelation, or divine understanding, of the schemes of the enemy. Remember that our issues are not against flesh and blood but are spiritual. Without proper revelation you cannot walk in the authority Jesus speaks about in Luke 10:19.

Authority is available to us and is part of the offense that we have against the enemy. We must understand authority so that we can utilize it properly and render the enemy powerless. I pray this episode of the podcast helps you better understand this and gives you the courage to step into your spiritual inheritance.

Talk Soon,

Dr. Sharla

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